>Develop evaluator and educator expertise in the use of Danielson's Framework for Teaching evaluation model

>Incorporate video-observation with artifact evidence to simulate evaluation process based on multiple measures

>Calibrate administrators within school district to conduct valid and reliable teacher evaluations

>Support teachers in knowing and recognizing effective research-based best practices​​

>Enhance professional development delivery

Online Training and Calibration Resource platform powered by

Train - Calibrate -Recalibrate

  • Build inter-rater reliability based on the Danielson 2007 Framework for Teaching*
  • Increase the validity and reliability of your evaluation process
  • Calibrate your team(s)

Online Training and Calibration Resources

Building a Reliable and Effective Teacher Evaluation System


The Milwaukee Teacher Education Center (MTEC) promotes educator effectiveness by offering wide ranging services designed to address the professional needs of individuals, schools and districts.

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*Prior to using the training and calibration plans in MLPElevate, subscribing districts/organizations must separately purchase the license to use the 2007 Framework for Teaching in electronic format from Association for Supervison and Curriculum Development (ASCD) if they currently do not have permission from ASCD.

For districts that use a hybrid version of the Danielson Framework for Teaching, MTEC does custom coding using the local district's unique evaluation rubric.

Current custom clients include:  Greece, NY;  Gilbert, AZ;  Shelby County, TN (pending)