MTEC/PLS coaches present workshops that are then coached into practice in the classroom. Workshops are customized to meet the needs of the school.

Lesson Planning and Delivery

These lesson planning workshops focus on components of lesson planning and delivery, emphasizing Bloom's taxonomy throughout. In Blooms II teachers work with their own lesson plans to ratchet up objectives to meet higher levels of Bloom's taxonomy in their teaching.

The questioning workshop builds on Bloom's taxonomy developing questioning strategies and skills (Marzano) to enhance learning in lesson delivery.

  • Lesson Planning (and Delivery) That Blooms I
  • Lesson Planning (and Delivery) That Blooms II
  • Questioning: The Purpose, the Proof, the Power

Marzano Workshops

These workshops highlight the research of Robert Marzano ( and the practical application of his strategies in the classroom.

  • An Overview of Marzano's Nine High-Yield Strategies
  • Similarities and Differences
  • Cooperative Grouping and Learning

Positive Behavioral Supports

This set of workshops emphasizes a holistic approach to classroom climate and culture.

  • Developing Procedures and Routines
  • Positive Behavioral Supports

Comprehensive Literacy

These workshops support the district focus on literacy instruction in general and in the content areas.

  • Reading In the Content Areas
  • Working With Struggling Readers
  • Six Trait Writing Instruction
  • Writer's Workshop
  • Writing in the Content Areas

Active Learning Series

This set of workshops centers on activities that engage students using interactive strategies and cooperative activities.

  • Active Learning Strategies
  • Interactive Science Activities
  • Math Instruction and Head Start
  • Hands-On Science for Pre-Schoolers


These workshops concentrate on the development and use of assessment to drive instruction.

  • Using Assessment Data to Inform Instruction
  • Developing Rubrics
  • Analyzing Student Work to Inform Instruction
  • Test-Taking Strategies

Meeting the Needs of the Bilingual Learner

These workshops give clear strategies on working effectively with English language learners.

  • How to Work Effectively With English Language Learners
  • Effective Teaching Strategies for English Language Learners